NDIS Short Term Accommodation Providers in Sydney

As a participant, if you are looking for temporary respite, we welcome you to Base Disability, one of the leading NDIS short-term accommodation providers in Sydney. Here, we provide premium properties where you can spend a few days in luxury. Indeed, these houses have a warm atmosphere and are designed for individuals having physical impairments. So, if you are searching for accommodation where you can spend a good time with your caregivers, now is the time to connect with us.

In our short-term accommodation for NDIS in Sydney, you will get extensive support from our caregivers. They will assist you with personal as well as household tasks. This will also include transport assistance and participating in events conducted by the nearby community. Besides, our caregivers will also help you reach nearby places such as the local library and other recreational centres.

NDIS Respite Accommodation in Sydney

When it comes to NDIS respite accommodation in Sydney, the houses that we provide are safe and functional. Moreover, in these houses, you will be able to practice and enhance your independent living skills. Moreover, these houses are customised to the goals and needs of the participants. So, if you are under NDIS, and want to spend your time away from your home in leisure, get in touch with us now.

If you are concerned about disability support in the short-term respite accommodation for NDIS participants in Sydney, now is the time to drop your worries since our professionals are highly trained and experienced. They attentively assist their clients with various tasks during the short respite. However, even during the short stay, they will help you develop daily life and living skills with which you will be able to accomplish several tasks at once.

Why Choose Our Short-Term NDIS Accommodation in Sydney?

Choose our short-term NDIS accommodation in Sydney since

  • The properties are designed for individuals having disabilities
  • The properties are easily accessible and are best for a short respite
  • Our support workers will help you with various activities during your short stay
  • We will provide you with short-term accommodation as per your choice

So, if you want respite accommodation for independent living or want to share it with another participant, call us now.

Send In Your Queries Regarding NDIS Respite Accommodation in Sydney

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