The Best Ndis Disability Support Service Providers in Sydney

Since the very inception of our service, Base Disability one best NDIS Disability services & support organisation in Sydney has been providing highly customised and optimum quality of support for individuals living with various types of disabilities – both mental and physical, across Sydney. We have at our disposal the best and the most qualified NDIS disability support workers in Sydney, who would work in close coordination with you to develop skills that will help the participants overcome the limitations. They will help the participants meet the objectives of their lives, carry out daily activities at home and in community with more or less independence and autonomy. This customised approach makes us the most vetted provider of NDIS disability support services in Sydney. 

At Base Disability, we offer you a wide range of Ndis Disability Support Sydney, which may extend to looking for new homes, live-ins, drop-ins, as well as transitional support, helping getting involved in your respective community, or assistance in providing assistance  in navigating services….the list will go on! In the nutshell, we are one of the most trustworthy  Ndis Disability support service providers in Sydney, offering a wide gamut of support service under one  umbrella. 

Every NDIS disability support worker in Sydney is highly qualified and is determined to provide you the support that you need to lead a life of self esteem, confidence, independence, self-reliance and dignity.

Who can avail our Ndis Disability Support Service in Sydney?

Our highly intensified, focused and personalised Ndis Disability Support Service in Sydney are available to adults as well as children with permanent disabilities resulting from spinal injury, brain injury, degenerative neurological conditions, developmental disabilities, mental health diagnosis, and the likes. 

Our Ndis disability support in Sydney is also meant for the participants who are living with complex and changing needs of healthcare and related support, and those who are co-existing with a wide range of significant behavioural anomalies and various psychiatric disabilities and psychological shortcoming and aberrations.

What do our Ndis-registered Disability Services in Sydney include?

At Base Disability, we offer a wide range of Ndis-registered Disability Services in Sydney that may include but is not restricted to: 

  • Assistance with personal activities like showering, bathing, toileting and dressing 
  • Assistance with household tasks that may include shopping, preparation of meals, laundry and cleaning 
  • Active overnight as well as sleepover support 
  • Assistance with complex medical needs 
  • Positive behavioural support management 
  • Clinical support that include administering medication and management of issues like bowel care, epilepsy, catheter, tube feeding, and asthma 
  • Support to travel on public transport 
  • Support to take part in an activity at home as well as in community 

Besides, we also offer NDIS disability services for children in Sydney with the same dedication and intensity of our service dedicated for adults. 

Thus, as one of the most promising NDIS disability services near Sydney, we are your one stop solution.

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